If you have a passion for helping people and have an artistic eye, a career as a nail technician might be right for you. Nail technicians utilize their eye for detail, creativity, and customer service skills to help people achieve the manicure or pedicure they desire. Nail technology can be a rewarding career path but does require some initial education and experience in order to be successful. If you are trying to decide whether or not to start a nail tech course at a cosmetology school, it can be helpful to understand the range of careers that will be available to you as a nail technician. 

At Robert Paul Academy in Timonium, our instructors have set many nail technicians on the path to success with our nail technology program. Here, you will learn many skills and techniques that are translatable to a wide variety of career paths. 

The Skills You Learn

With nail tech classes, you will learn all of the basic skills necessary for your future career. The nail technology program at Robert Paul Academy encompasses basic spa manicuring and pedicuring. Additional skills that we teach and practice include nail tipping, basic nail art, mending and wrapping, fiberglass and gel applications, acrylic sculpting, and acrylic overlays. We make sure that you have truly honed these skills with written and practical assessments. You will not only learn these skills but also gain hands-on experience by working with real customers in the student salon and spa. Once you have completed your education, you will be ready to pursue a career path. 


One of the most common places of employment for a nail technician is a spa. At a spa, you are likely to perform manicures and pedicures on clients who are looking to get pampered. If you love the idea of improving your client’s day with a relaxing spa experience, then a spa may be the perfect work environment for you.  


Salons are also a very common place for nail technicians to start their careers. Whether you work at a dedicated nail salon or a beauty salon that offers nail services, you are likely to find yourself working in a very busy environment. You are likely to get a wide range of customers who put your many nail tech skills to the test. If you like working in a fast-paced environment with a lot of people, a salon may be the best place to begin your career. 


Another possible career path for a nail technician is self-employment. Once you have completed your education, you could set up a space to work from home and be a self-employed nail tech. The advantage of self-employment is the freedom to control your work schedule and the opportunity to build your own financial success. However, keep in mind that self-employment can also be difficult, as you will need to build up your own client base and it may be awhile before you become profitable. 

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If you are interested in beginning a successful career as a nail technician, look no further than Robert Paul Academy in Timonium. Our part-time nail technology program is easy to fit into your normal schedule and teaches all of the necessary skills to become a successful nail technician. You will also have the opportunity to work on real clients, building your resume before you even start your career. If you have any additional questions or are interested in signing up for nail tech courses, contact the helpful staff at Robert Paul Academy in Timonium today!