At the Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology, we are determined to provide you with an education that will take you forward into the future. Just like a traditional university or trade school, we do our best to provide students with the necessary resources to learn and grow into a professional cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail technician. If you are considering cosmetology school, let the Robert Paul Academy be your primary choice. We offer flexible schedule options, hands-on experience, and an opportunity to build your clientele before you even graduate.

Schedule School So It’s Right For You

We understand that our students come from a variety of backgrounds and have their own personal lives outside of school. At the Robert Paul Academy, we offer different scheduling options so you can decide what works best for you. You are in control of what you would like from your cosmetology school experience. We’ve made it possible for students to complete the program in as few as eleven months by taking a heavier course load, or in as many as eighteen months if you’d rather take your time and have available days off for the other aspects of your life. 

Perhaps you are a single parent in the process of making a career change and need a school schedule that fits with trying to raise your family at the same time. Maybe you are a young person, who has just graduated from high school and working a job you need to pay for school. What if you are someone who wants to move through the program quickly and start working as a stylist within a year of enrolling? Or maybe you want to take your time so you can master your craft. At the Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology in Maryland, we work with students by offering several different scheduling options so you don’t feel boxed in by a set schedule. You decide what scheduling option works best for your schooling, not the other way around.

Take care of what you need in the other parts of your daily life to succeed in school and become the stylist you were meant to be.

Start Styling Sooner

The phrase “Get Out Of Your Hair” doesn’t apply at the Robert Paul Academy. We understand better than most potential stylists are hands on learners. We offer a wide range of theory classes because it is important to know why you’re doing what you are and how it works. We also know, though, that theory also works best when applied. The Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology is fortunate enough to have its own full-service service floor. Equipped with 42 stations and designed to function as both a salon and classroom, our service floor is the perfect opportunity for students to get hands-on-hair experience before they begin working as stylists after graduation. 

The service floor is a non-request floor, meaning that clients that come in for an appointment cannot select which stylist completes their service so every student has an equal opportunity to learn and practice. Students on the service floor will have completed 350 hours of the program and earned the privilege of styling clients under the supervision and guidance of our instructors. The service floor gives students the opportunity to see what future salon experience may be like. The service floor is also an opportunity to learn how to consult clients about what they would like, communicate with other stylists, and learn more about products used beyond school.  

Build Your Clientele Before Graduating

Although the service floor is non-request, that does not mean a client won’t take to you and your style of work! As you grow as a stylist in terms of skills and personality, you may find yourself building a rapport with clients who come in regularly and make an impression. There is a chance they might want to see you upon graduation from the program, which is an exciting start to your career. The Robert Paul Academy offers the service floor training as part of its program so students can build up their social skills as well as their knowledge of hair every day. Knowledge of hair or nails can only go so far unless you learn how to interact with a client just as well. Our intention is to give you a well-rounded education in cosmetology to prepare you for anything that comes your way.

Finding A Job After Graduation

We understand that you attended school in the hope of increasing your prospects for future jobs and help establish the foundation of your career. As a fully-accredited career academy that has operated for over 50 years, the Robert Paul Academy stays in contact with salons about potential openings and listings. We encourage all alumni to apply and believe training from the Robert Paul Academy will catch the eye of any potential employer. We pride ourselves on the fact over 75 percent of our students are recommended to the Academy by alumni and industry employers and our Academy graduates are some of the industry’s elite. We don’t just get you through the program, we help you thrive beyond school to join the beauty industry’s top stylists in the nation.


These opportunities are made possible through our program’s desire to help you succeed both during and after your program. At the Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology, we want to help you grow as an individual and prepare for life as a cosmetologist, not just focus on filing requirements or meeting a schedule. We give you the tools to succeed by any means available to us. Whether that is a flexible schedule or helping you find your dream job, our goal is to make sure you know you made the right decision when you apply to the Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology.

Ready to apply? Schedule a tour or contact one of our counselors to learn more. Otherwise, fill out our online application here.