Starting a career in cosmetology, and as a nail technician specifically, can seem like a long and winding road. This career requires quite a bit of education, experiential practice, and networking to get started. While this can be an intimidating process, it is well worth it for those who wish to turn their people skills and artistic passion into a career. When working as a nail technician, you will never be bored. You can help a bride achieve her perfect look for her wedding day, help a teenager feel beautiful for prom, or even create nail designs for high-end fashion shows. 

The path to becoming a nail technician is a lot clearer once you know the steps you need to take at the very start. If you take the proper steps, you can start your career with a resume that already shows an ideal combination of talent, education, and experience. At Robert Paul Academy in Timonium, our nail technician program will set you up for a successful career in manicuring and nail design.

Start Your Program

The first step to becoming a professional nail technician is to take classes and graduate from a top-tier program. Cosmetology and nail technology, in particular, require a great deal of training and education. At Robert Paul Academy, our manicuring program provides a comprehensive education and hands-on experience. We offer one course in the spring and one in the fall, each 13.5 weeks long. At the end of the program, you will have 250 hours of classwork and practice under your belt.

Combine Education With Experience

While a thorough education consisting of theory, technology, and technique is crucial to your future success as a nail technician, the ultimate way to learn is through practice. Robert Paul Academy’s nail technician program combines theory with hands-on practice and training to ensure that you are fully equipped to begin your manicuring career. Your classes will consist of 45 minutes of theory overview and 3.25 hours of technical demonstration, practice, and salon training. Your entire Friday class will consist of salon training with real clients to receive plenty of hands-on experience. 

Learn Essential Skills

To be a successful nail technician, you must create a good foundation of skills. The more skills that you master, the more marketable you will be as a professional nail technician. At Robert Paul Academy our nail technician program covers the majority of requests that you might receive from future clients so that you are ready to handle any request. These essential manicuring and nail design skills include: 

  • Basic and spa manicuring and pedicuring
  • Nail tipping
  • Mending and wrapping
  • Fiberglass and gel application
  • Acrylic overlays
  • Acrylic sculpting
  • Basic nail art

Start Your Career

Once you have completed your nail technician education, it is time to think about launching your career. With our nail technician program, you will be starting with a good combination of education and experience on your resume. With our hands-on salon practice, you will also have been able to network with clients and other nail professionals. The career opportunities for an in-demand nail technician are vast. You can work in traditional nail salons and spas, work on special events like weddings or proms, or take an independent route and freelance. 

Sign Up For Our Nail Technician Program Today

If you are interested in beginning your career as a nail technician or have any additional questions, our expert staff are happy to help. Call Robert Paul Academy in Timonium today, to sign-up for our next course offering!