1. 5 Essential Skills All Nail Techs Should Know

    If you’re considering attending beauty school to become a nail technician, you may be under the impression that once you receive your certificate, there won’t be anything left to learn. While a quality cosmetic educational institution will undoubtedly prepare you in some ways, there are always n…Read More

  2. Career Opportunities for Nail Technicians

    If you have a passion for helping people and have an artistic eye, a career as a nail technician might be right for you. Nail technicians utilize their eye for detail, creativity, and customer service skills to help people achieve the manicure or pedicure they desire. Nail technology can be a reward…Read More

  3. Steps To Becoming A Nail Technician

    Starting a career in cosmetology, and as a nail technician specifically, can seem like a long and winding road. This career requires quite a bit of education, experiential practice, and networking to get started. While this can be an intimidating process, it is well worth it for those who wish to tu…Read More

  4. What’s New

    Mash-up nail colors on a medium length squoval nail shape make your fingertips a splashy fashion accessory.…Read More