About The Cosmetology Program

The cosmetology program at Robert Paul Academy is a 1500 hour program that can be completed in as little as 11 months. The program costs are listed below.

Students entering the Cosmetology and Manicuring programs at Robert Paul Academy are placed in a progressive class setting, where a repeat and add system of learning is employed. Revisiting core skill sets throughout the 0-350 curriculum allows students to learn, review and master basic techniques before moving into workshop and trend classes. The introductory portion of the program focuses on establishing a positive learning perspective and honing the skills necessary to operate successfully on the Academy training salon floor.

Tuition | $20,500.00
Deposit | $1,000.00*
Balance | $19,500.00

* May be made in 3 installments.

Balances can be satisfied as follows: Paid in full | Monthly installments | Financial Aid Awards | Scholarships

The tuition includes all books, equipment, and supplies necessary to complete the course of study. Two uniform tee-shirts are also included. Extra shirts are $15.00 each. Any supplies other than those issued are considered extra and are the responsibility of the student. Tee shirt costs are subject to manufacturer increases.


Robert Paul Academy will take your cosmetology career to the next level! As a MUD Make-up Partner School, Robert Paul Academy will immerse you in the fundamentals of makeup artistry.

As a cosmetology student, you will receive a MUD make up kit and the course books for the level I make-up artist certification.

Contact our admissions representative today to schedule a personal tour of our facility, or to ask a question about financial assistance and scholarships — please call 410-252-4481. We look forward to hearing from you.