Our Programs

At the Robert Paul Academy, you can turn your creative hair interests into a rewarding career. If you enjoy working on hair, nails, skin, and the body, our beauty programs are perfect for you!

About Our Workshops

Core academics at the Academy are based on a comprehensive, cutting edge curriculum designed to prepare students to enter the field of Cosmetology with a level of skill and professionalism that will insure their success. In addition to basic Cosmetology, Robert Paul Academy offers a series of intermediate, advanced and studio level technique and trend workshops in the following areas:

  • Cutting I-III
  • Color I-IV
  • Long Hair Design I & II
  • Make-up I & II
  • Chemical Restructuring
  • Artificial Hair & Extensions
  • Men’s Cutting/Barbering
  • Special Effect Foiling
  • Resume preparation/Business building/Financial Management.

Three of the primary objectives for the educational staff at Robert Paul Academy


To create a positive learning environment in which to administer the core curriculum


Establish a learning partnership between the learning leaders and the student


To instill the knowledge that discipline, professionalism, consistency and creativity are the keys to success


Training in Cosmetology and Manicuring at the Academy are a combination of theory and practice. Students have 35 minutes of in class theory each day and informal, activity relative theory throughout the remainder of their daily schedule.



If you are creative and passionate, and enjoy working with your hands and interacting with people, then a career as a Licensed Cosmetologist could be perfect for you!

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The Academy offers a comprehensive manicuring program for those individuals interested in becoming a nail technician.

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